Convergence: Knowledge and Practice for Students, Innovative and Creative Ideas for Companies.


The Online Marketing Challenge is a unique opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the real world while creating and executing digital marketing campaigns for real Saxon companies using a budget of 500 Euros. This initiative converges the academic and business worlds through mutual collaboration between students and Saxon companies to create ideas, develop campaigns and drive change.


The OMC is organized by IOSax and the International SEPT Competence Center of Leipzig University in alliance with TU Dresden, HTW Dresden and Kreatives Sachsen.


Register until 7 April

How does it work?

  • Kick-off meeting (15 April 2021 / Online)
    This is the formal launch of the OMC. Students will be divided into teams according to their academic background, professional experience, and language skills to be partnered with the most suitable company
  • Students will become consultants to the companies and will get in touch with them to understand its products, its audience, and its objectives with the digital campaign
  • The teams will attend the training and workshops as they begin to develop digital marketing strategies and run trials according to their companies' characteristics and needs
  • Campaigns (15 April - 30 June 2021)
    Using the available budget, the teams will have to create and run a digital marketing campaign that aligns with the companies' objectives. To do this, the teams must test different platforms, manage the companies' content, and promote that content while evaluating the results and leads obtained week by week
  • At the end of the partnership, the teams will complete a Post-Campaign Analysis and deliver future recommendations to their partner to help them continue to thrive online
  • Final (15 July 2021)

Who Can Participate?

The Online Marketing Challenge is open to Master Students from higher education institutions in Saxony (Leipzig University, HTW Dresden, TU Dresden).

Participation Requirements

  • Good English Command
  • Proof of proficiency in a third language other than English and the participant's native language
  • Commitment: The OMC is a 3-month activity in which the participant should invest an average of 2 hours per week.

Benefits for students

The OMC is a platform that allows the student to gain knowledge on different digital marketing platforms while putting it into practice. This hands-on learning experience will enable the participants to develop their skills in a very competitive environment.

  • Gain valuable business, digital marketing, analysis and consulting skills through a hands-on experience
  • Contribute to the growth of a real Saxon SME, gain real experience in a German SME, and learn from real organisations
  • Collaborate in a multicultural group in a real working situation
  • Build a real customer relationship while supporting the customer to real goals
  • Gain experience in the field of digital marketing while using real money for a live advertising campaign
  • Build tactical and analytical skills which are in high demand in today's job market
  • Earn awards, recognition, and reputational accreditation

Why is it a competition?

Teams of consultants who demonstrate their knowledge by developing a comprehensive online marketing strategy, executing ad campaigns, and providing post-campaign analysis with future recommendations for the company will receive a personalised certificate recognising their academic achievements and impact on the company's marketing
campaign. The teams with the best results will receive awards. The best team will be the winner of the 2021 challenge, and their campaign will receive special recognition in Saxony's internationalisation programmes.


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    2020 gewann das Team um den Leipziger Sportbekleidungshändler SportSpar. Rashid, Cris, Sadikin und Anurag vom SEPT MBA berichten von ihrer Kampagne für den spanischen Markt. Studenten und Unternehmen waren 2020 zusammen gefordert, die gewohnten Wege der Zusammenarbeit zu verlassen und rein digital zu interagieren. Dies funktionierte sehr gut. Gefehlt hat dagegen die persönliche Begegnung auf der Siegerehrung.

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