IOSax.hub – a customized programme to grow your start-up in Germany

Is your company ready to enter Europe’s biggest market? Want to become part of world-famous „Made in Germany“? At IOSax.hub we’ll hook you up with the right people. In Saxony – a German High-Tech and Engineering hot spot.

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Germany's #1 landing pad for cutting-edge technologies

If you do business or conduct research in the following fields, Saxony is your place to be!

We can best support you if you have a technically sophisticated product and operate a B2B business model.

  • Energy / Transformation
  • Mobility
  • IT / Microelectronics / Semiconductor
  • Robotic
  • MedTech / AgeTech
  • 6G

Pick your strategic focus

A six-months stay to get your growth engine running

Small batches of three companies per year enable us to provide you with truly personalised support. Our aim is to introduce you personally to Saxon businesses and academia – your potential pilot customers in Germany.


Topics are organized into two-week segments, offering flexibility with hybrid classes accessible from your office in Dresden or Leipzig or virtually from anywhere. During breaks, feel free to reside at your new German base or journey back home.

Throughout April to October 2024, we require approximately 40% of your time in Saxony. Embrace a leisurely break from mid-June to early August :)

  • 15-17. January 2024


    Tell us who you are! In an individual online session we dive deep into your technical solution and your business model.

  • 08. April 2024


    Welcome to Saxony! Our first real-life encounter takes place in Dresden (TBC). Meet the cohort and the IOSax team.

    In person
  • 09-19. April 2024

    Personas & Marketing

    Where's my market in Germany? This class goes deep into profiling your B2B customers and approaching them.

    In person
  • 03-14. June 2024


    Does my product meet the needs? Our coaches screen your assets, explore new services and business models

    In person
  • 05-16. August 2024

    Company building

    How can I identify the optimal business location and recruit talent in Germany? If you plan to invest, we provide guidance on accessing public co-funding opportunities such as grants and loans.

    In person
  • 02-04. October 2024


    Do I have a compelling narrative and a robust financial strategy? We'll guide you toward investment readiness.

    In person
  • 07-11. October 2024

    HTVD & Final

    Meet your investor at the Hightech Venture Days - an exclusive event for hardware investors eager to meet your company! The HTVD mark the grand final of IOSax.hub 2024.

    In Person

Applying for IOSax.hub 2024

We are scouting for start-ups that possess:

> a dedicated team
> a clear orientation towards high-tech and B2B solutions
> commitment to invest time and resources by spending several weeks in Germany

If your venture embodies these qualities, we invite you to join our program and pave the way in Saxony's thriving high-tech sphere!

Non-profit public service

IOSax is part of Saxony Trade & Invest – a regional public institution run by the Saxon Ministry of Economics. All our services are non-profit. Our mission is to promote international business development and cross-border cooperation. IOSax.hub aims to connect promising European start-ups with companies and academia from Saxony.