A customized scholarship to grow your start-up in Germany

Is your company ready to enter Europe’s biggest market? Want to become part of world-famous „Made in Germany“?

At IOSax.hub we’ll hook you up with the right people. In Saxony – a German High-Tech and Engineering hot spot.

Germany's #1 landing pad for cutting-edge technologies

If you do business or conduct research in the following fields, Saxony is your place to be!

  • Energy / Transformation
  • Mobility
  • IT / Microelectronics / Semiconductor
  • 6G
  • Robotic
  • MedTech / AgeTech
  • Gaming

IOSax.hub helps you to

  • Set-up your sales activities in the German-speaking countries as well as Poland and the Czech Republic
  • Ennoble your product with the label "Made in Germany" by working with reknown universities, research facilities and R&D businesses
  • Plan your production line with German SMEs (aka Mittelstand), vibrant tech start-ups and traditional crafts
  • Get funded by international investors with a particular focus on hardware and deep tech

A one-year stay to get your growth engine running